Hollaway Highlights


We are excited to shine a spotlight on Leslie Hollaway, the visionary behind Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services, Inc. CONTINUE READING

The Importance of Communications in Environmental Work


2023 DEI&B Committee Potluck

Here at Hollaway, our employees have emphasized that in-person engagements are important to them. As we all attempt to navigate a work environment and society that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed, we want to be both cautious and intentional about when and how we plan any team gatherings and encourage the team to attend. CONTINUE READING

Day in the Life at Hollaway: Communication Team

My name is Blythe Payne, and I have been a Communications + Public Involvement Coordinator for a little over a year at Hollaway Environmental + Communications. What does a Communications + Public Involvement Coordinator do, exactly? The day-to-day for a Communications + Public Involvement Coordinator can vary; so let me walk you through what a week CONTINUE READING

Team Spotlight Blog: Meet Hollaway's Financial Manager, Trevor Pattillo

This month, we are happy to introduce Hollaway’s Financial Manager, Trevor Pattillo. CONTINUE READING

Project Management 101: Environmental Projects

Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services, Inc., is a non-traditional multi-service firm offering a variety of environmental and communications services. On the environmental side, we manage projects ranging from small, private, residential development to watershed-wide due diligence reporting. While we manage a wide variety of projects, we CONTINUE READING

Team Spotlight Blog: Meet Hollaway's Chief Operating Officer, Claire Garvin

This month, we are thrilled to spotlight Claire Garvin, our Chief Operating Officer (COO), whose contributions have helped propel the growth of Hollaway to new heights. CONTINUE READING

Project Management 101: Communications Projects

Did you know that the Agile project management methodology originated from software development but has since been applied successfully in various industries beyond IT, including marketing, communications, healthcare, and construction? CONTINUE READING

Engaging the Public During Extreme Weather Events and Natural Disasters

We are no strangers to natural disasters. Whether it is freezing temperatures, major infrastructure failure, or record-breaking extreme weather events, Texan residents excel at resilience. This being said, information is at the heart of our ability to be resilient as individuals and as communities. CONTINUE READING

Team Spotlight Blog: Meet Hollaway's Communications Specialist, Blythe Payne

As a recent hire at Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services, Blythe Payne works as a Communications Specialist. CONTINUE READING