A Day in the Life of Greg Sevcik: Insights from an Art Director at Hollaway


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In the fast-paced world of design, the role of an art director is both challenging and rewarding. Greg Sevcik, Hollaway’s Art Director, offers a glimpse into his daily routine, creative process, and the skills needed to succeed in this dynamic field. Through his insights, we learn about the balance between creativity and client demands, the importance of collaboration, and the joys of seeing a project come to life.

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Starting the Day with Structure

Greg begins each day with a clear plan. "I start my day by checking emails and messages and reviewing/updating my task list. I work best when I know what I hope to accomplish each day," he says. This organized approach ensures that he stays on top of his responsibilities and sets a productive tone for the day.


Crafting Creative Visions

Much of Greg’s day revolves around developing graphics and collateral for clients. He also plays a key role in guiding other members of the creative services team, providing direction, and teaching new skills. This blend of hands-on design work and mentorship highlights the multifaceted nature of his role.

The Creative Process

When tackling a new project, Greg emphasizes the importance of thorough research. "Every new project starts with research. It’s important to understand what we are communicating and why. This involves reading about the project and talking to the client and project managers," he explains. This foundational understanding guides the gathering of inspiration and experimentation with design concepts, ultimately leading to a refined final product.

Essential Tools and Software

While Greg primarily uses Adobe Creative Cloud apps, he believes that good design starts with good content. He utilizes a variety of tools, including Google, cameras, pens, pencils, and paper, to gather inspiration and create visual content. This diverse toolkit allows him to approach projects from multiple angles and find the best solutions.

Balancing Vision and Client Demands

Balancing creative vision with client demands can be challenging, but Greg sees constraints like time and budget as integral parts of the creative process. He values clients who have a clear vision, as it helps streamline the creation process and ensures that the final product aligns with client expectations.

Proud Moments

One project that stands out to Greg is Hollaway’s annual company holiday card. "I enjoy the opportunity each year to find a fun new way to show our company’s creativity and share fun facts about our staff," he shares. This project allows him to blend creativity with company culture, making it a favorite task each year.

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Overcoming Challenges

One of the biggest challenges Greg faces is balancing attention to detail with the overall project scope. "Details matter, but should always be considered within the scope of the overall project’s purpose, cohesiveness, budget, and deadline," he notes. This holistic approach ensures that each project remains focused and effective.

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Staying Current

To keep up with the latest trends and technologies, Greg turns to social media. "Many graphic designers share their knowledge and work on Instagram. It’s a great way to build up young designers who haven’t gathered years of experience and guidance," he says. This platform helps him stay connected to the design community and continuously learn new skills.

Providing Constructive Feedback

When providing feedback to his team, Greg focuses on understanding the context and the “big picture.” He aims to limit feedback to clear flaws rather than personal preferences, fostering a constructive and collaborative environment.

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Handling Creative Block

Greg handles creative blocks by turning to his colleagues. "It’s great to be able to turn to a teammate and ask for their ideas, or trade projects with them to think about something else or gain a new perspective," he explains. This collaborative approach helps overcome creative hurdles and brings fresh ideas to the table.

The Role of Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of Greg’s work. "I don’t think I could do my job without our whole team," he states. The diverse skills and perspectives of his colleagues enhance the creative process and ensure the success of each project.

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Skills for Success

Effective communication is key to being a successful art director, according to Greg. "Communicating a vision for a product, while incorporating the ideas from the rest of our team, and maintaining a clear and consistent vision is the job of an art director," he says. This ability to articulate and align a vision is crucial in his role.


Aligning with Brand Strategy

To ensure his work aligns with the overall brand strategy and message, Greg revisits the project's foundation regularly. He asks critical questions about key messages, brand guidelines, and the audience.

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Greg Sevcik's experiences and insights offer a comprehensive look into the life of an art director at Hollaway. From starting the day with a clear plan to navigating the balance between creative vision and client demands, Greg exemplifies the skills and dedication needed in this role. His emphasis on collaboration, continuous learning, and effective communication highlights the importance of a cohesive team and a strong understanding of project fundamentals. Through his work, Greg not only contributes to the success of his projects but also plays a part in making a positive impact at Hollaway and in the community he loves.

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Greg S

Greg Sevcik

Art Director

Greg Sevcik has over 15 years of experience as a professional graphic designer, developing print collateral, branding, social media content, and motion graphics. He has expertise in developing various technical and educational communication tools for public involvement activities. His work has spans a wide range of audiences, from multilingual brochures and newsletters for the general public to lengthy reports for subject matter experts and policy makers. Mr. Sevcik’s graphic design and video production work for client projects has won multiple Communicator and Telly Awards.

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