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Hollaway is coasting through the second quarter of the year and gearing up to grow as a team and continue to win projects. Day-to-day operations and project work occupy a great deal of our team’s time. And so, one may not remember to set aside time to inquire about benefits such as the Employee Assistance Program with Insperity, or United Healthcare rewards, where you earn money for completing daily fitness goals. Mental Health Awareness Month is the perfect occasion to review various benefits offered to full-time staff through United Healthcare and Insperity, as well as go over Hollaway’s Wellness Program benefit.

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As we put our best foot forward to have a productive conversation highlighting mental health in a professional environment, it is just as important to reiterate that we are business professionals and humans. While we aim to emphasize all benefits and support resources dedicated to our staff, we are also on a learning curve, as our staff is, while spearheading these inclusion efforts. Our responsibility is to set examples of vulnerability, courage, accountability, leadership, and empathy to keep this essential conversation going. Our goal is to cultivate a space for mental health-centered discussions and to remain mindful of how crucial it is to invest in ourselves just as we do in our relationships and careers.

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LaDaja Dunn

Office + Human Resources Coordinator

Ms. LaDaja Dunn supports the Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services team as an Office + Human Resources Coordinator. Ms. Dunn brings with her the ease of adaptability, organizational skills, as well as previous administrative and marketing experience to the company. As an Office + Human Resources Coordinator, she helps lead the efficient operation of the office, assists in invoicing, marketing efforts, and provides day to day support to the Executive Team.

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