Hollaway Highlights

Project Management 101: Environmental Projects

Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services, Inc., is a non-traditional multi-service firm offering a variety of environmental and communications services. On the environmental side, we manage projects ranging from small, private, residential development to watershed-wide due diligence reporting. While we manage a wide variety of projects, we CONTINUE READING

Team Spotlight Blog: Meet Hollaway's Chief Operating Officer, Claire Garvin

This month, we are thrilled to spotlight Claire Garvin, our Chief Operating Officer (COO), whose contributions have helped propel the growth of Hollaway to new heights. CONTINUE READING

Project Management 101: Communications Projects

Did you know that the Agile project management methodology originated from software development but has since been applied successfully in various industries beyond IT, including marketing, communications, healthcare, and construction? CONTINUE READING

Engaging the Public During Extreme Weather Events and Natural Disasters

We are no strangers to natural disasters. Whether it is freezing temperatures, major infrastructure failure, or record-breaking extreme weather events, Texan residents excel at resilience. This being said, information is at the heart of our ability to be resilient as individuals and as communities. CONTINUE READING

Team Spotlight Blog: Meet Hollaway's Communications Specialist, Blythe Payne

As a recent hire at Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services, Blythe Payne works as a Communications Specialist. CONTINUE READING

Meet Connor Stokes, Hollaway's Communications Technical Expert

Meet Connor Stokes, one of our more veteran employees. Connor is a Technical Expert for our communications team at Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services. Connor began his career with Hollaway in July of 2014 as an intern to fulfill the last remaining credit hours he needed to earn his minor in Professional Writing. At the time, the company CONTINUE READING

Hollaway Knows NEPA, Public Involvement and Public Engagement!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Communications and environmental representatives at Hollaway Environmental and Communications, Inc. (Hollaway), understand the National Environmental Protection Act, or NEPA, as a federal environmental law enacted on January 1, 1970, that promotes the enhancement of the environment. CONTINUE READING

Protecting Nature's Balance: The Vital Role of Protected Species Surveys in Environmental Projects

At Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services, protected species surveys are a necessary factor in ensuring that our client’s project(s) will not interfere with the ecological processes of the proposed project area. The Endangered Species Act (ESA), passed by Congress in 1973, aims to prevent the extinction of native flora and fauna in the United CONTINUE READING

Team Spotlight Blog: Meeting Hollaway's Marketing and Creative Services Team Lead, Tara Davis

This month, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of Hollaway's exceptional team members, Tara Davis. A native Houstonian with strong ties to the vibrant and historic Third Ward community, Tara has always been captivated by weather patterns and storms. CONTINUE READING

The Power of ArcGIS and Mapping in Environmental Science

ArcGIS, an advanced and versatile geographic information system (GIS) software, empowers users to create intricate maps, conduct comprehensive data analysis, and seamlessly share their discoveries. With its extensive applications across various domains, ArcGIS has become an essential tool for organizations worldwide, including here at Hollaway. CONTINUE READING