Team Spotlight Blog: Meet Hollaway's Financial Manager, Trevor Pattillo


This month, we are happy to introduce Hollaway’s Financial Manager, Trevor Pattillo.

Trevor attended Texas A&M University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Renewable Natural Resources. After graduating in 2013, Trevor started his professional career as a GIS Specialist, working with various companies from 2013-2016. In January 2017, Trevor finally landed at Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services and provided geospatial services for three years. Trevor realized that he wanted to make a career shift, and with the help of everyone at Hollaway, he started graduate school at the University of Houston, Downtown, to complete an MBA.

After earning his MBA, Trevor began serving as the Financial Manager at Hollaway. Drawing on the skills acquired during his academic pursuits, Trevor provides valuable financial expertise to the company's leadership and oversees the day-to-day management of its finances. His primary objective is to sustain and enhance the financial stability of the company, all while aligning with Hollaway's strategic plan and fostering its continued growth.

In his role as Financial Manager, he plays a crucial role in providing invaluable financial insights and expertise to the company's leadership. This involves a nuanced understanding of financial principles, strategic planning, and a keen awareness of the industry landscape. Beyond this advisory role, Trevor is actively engaged in the day-to-day management of the company's finances. This hands-on approach encompasses budgetary oversight, financial reporting, and resource allocation, which contributes to the overall fiscal health of the organization.

In his off hours, Trevor enjoys spending time with his family, his wife Kate, his son Evan, and their two dogs, Piper and Chili.



We're absolutely thrilled to have Trevor on our team! His expertise and dedication are indispensable assets, adding tremendous value to our collective efforts. To learn more about our team, visit us at


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Trevor Pattillo

Financial Manager

Trevor Pattillo serves as the Financial Manager after receiving his MBA from the University of Houston, Downtown and has been with Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services since 2016. Mr. Pattillo leverages the skills he learned while achieving his degree to provide financial expertise to company leadership as well as administer the day-to-day management of company finances. His goal is to continue the financial stability and growth of the company while maintaining alignment with Hollaway’s strategic plan.

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