Project Management 101: Environmental Projects

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Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services, Inc., is a non-traditional multi-service firm offering a variety of environmental and communications services. On the environmental side, we manage projects ranging from small, private, residential development to watershed-wide due diligence reporting. While we manage a wide variety of projects, we take the environmental project management process seriously for both our small private clients and our large institutional clients.

Picture1-2The first step in the environmental management project process at Hollaway is identifying the services most appropriate for the client and for the project. Some clients request specific services from Hollaway, while others come with a goal in mind. For those clients, our environmental team works in cooperation with the client to identify the appropriate services for each project based on the client’s goals, project plans, and the Hollaway team’s knowledge of the environmental process.

Once the appropriate services are identified, a Hollaway project manager creates a scope and fee proposal that details the services to be provided and the associated costs. Once this proposal is approved by the client, the Hollaway team begins work on the project.

Throughout the duration of the project, a Hollaway project manager is responsible for scheduling fieldwork (if needed), assigning deliverables to team members, participating in Hollaway’s internal QAQC process, communicating with the client, coordinating with any subconsultants, and ensuring that deliverables are submitted on time and within the approved budget. Should the client desire additional services over the life of the project, the Hollaway project manager creates additional proposals for those services as needed.

The goal for the Hollaway environmental project management process is to keep the project running smoothly, on schedule, and within budget. Although there may be a single project manager for each project, ensuring success is a team effort.

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Molly Lenihan


Molly Lenihan has gained experience in a wide range of environmental services during her time with HECS. This includes Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, wetland delineations, and threatened and endangered species assessments. She has supported the HECS team in a variety of projects, including private development, public works, biological surveys, and mitigation. She brings a background in ecology and Texas native species with her.

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