Project Management 101: Communications Projects

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Did you know that the Agile project management methodology originated from software development but has since been applied successfully in various industries beyond IT, including marketing, communications, healthcare, and construction?

At Hollaway Environmental and Communications, Inc. (Hollaway), most of our project managers on the Communications Team use the Agile project management methodology, which opens the door to creativity, innovation, collaboration, and flexibility. This has enabled project managers to provide our clients with the best approach to meet their end goals, and it gives us the freedom to create exciting new approaches for their projects.

You might be asking yourself, what does project management look like in the communications industry? We can answer that for you by discussing three interconnected components of project management that not only drive a project, but also play a key role in the work we do at Hollaway:

  1. Crisis and Reputation Management:
    1. Project Relevance: Reputation is a valuable asset for any project. It can impact stakeholder trust and project funding. Reputation and Crisis Management involve efforts to protect and maintain the client’s, project’s, or company’s image and brand.
           a. Reputation Management is a continuous, proactive effort to build and maintain a positive image.
          b. Crisis Management is a reactive strategy that comes into play when an unexpected and damaging event or situation occurs.
    2. Role in Project Management: The communication project managers at Hollaway serve as the communications manager as well as our client’s public relations and crisis/reputation management professionals. The team members of our Communications Team have all completed the Terri Ammerman Group Crisis Spokesperson Training, where we practice and learn how to handle the media in a crisis or in situations that generate media interest and require a rapid response.

While reputation management and crisis management have different timelines and focus, they are interrelated because a strong reputation established through proactive efforts can serve as a buffer during crises.

  1. Stakeholder Engagement/Public Involvement:
    1. Project Relevance: Effective stakeholder communication is a fundamental aspect of project management. Stakeholders include team members, clients, communities, government agencies, and the public.
    2. Role in Project Management: Crisis communication, community engagement, and communication strategies are tools that are utilized to maintain transparent and timely communication with stakeholders during a crisis, for project updates, and to receive feedback from communities. These tools assist in managing expectations, addressing concerns, and providing a feedback loop in building a relationship with your stakeholders and communities.

  2. Challenge Identification and Resolution:
    1. Project Relevance: Projects often encounter issues or challenges that must be identified and addressed proactively and quickly to prevent them from escalating into crises or potential problems.
    2. Role in Project Management: Hollaway’s communication experts and project managers approach each project from a problem-solver perspective, which prevents and mitigates the issue from growing into an escalated situation or crisis. As communications specialists, we need to be prepared for anything.

In summary, the role of communication project management at Hollaway goes beyond just facilitating communication within projects. It encompasses a strategic blend of reputation management, stakeholder engagement, and challenge identification and resolution. Through the Communications Team’s expertise and project management experience, Hollaway ensures that client projects remain on track and maintain a positive reputation, even when faced with adversity. This holistic approach highlights the critical role of communication project management in the success of projects and organizations.






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Rosaura Martinez


Rosaura Martinez is a bilingual professional with more than 5 years of experience in public relations, direct marketing, communications, and public engagement. At Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services, she works as a Communications Specialist providing support for both public and private clients and for large scale infrastructure and transportation projects.

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