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Greetings ya’ll: Thank you for taking a moment to peruse our newsletter!  At Hollaway, we are so grateful for our growth, and we have you to thank for our collective success! Since we saw you last in person (in early 2020), we have grown into our new offices at 2500 Summer Street. We have added 7 new professionals to our team, and we have been diving in headfirst on professional development for our individual team members. With all of this growth, we have been very careful not to lose sight of what makes us great. We believe our core values are at the heart of this success:

  • Significance – Our ability to drive results on every project!
  • Creativity – Our ability to serve you with new, different, and “out of the box” solutions!
  • Accountability – We take responsibility. Always.
  • Leadership – Every employee at Hollaway is empowered to be a problem solver.
  • Empathy – We recognize the humanity of every person we encounter, and this is at the heart of everything we do.

Given the chaos and uncertainty of 2020, we are nothing but grateful for our many opportunities to continue to serve our clients and our community. From the bottom of my heart, thank YOU for the opportunity to lead a truly visionary company that respects, cares for, and benefits its clients and employees alike.  This is a dream come true.

With love,


Exciting Projects We Worked on in January


Lake Houston Spillway

Lake Houston Spillway

The Hollaway team is proud to assist on The Lake Houston Spillway Improvement Project. The Lake Houston Spillway Improvement Project proposes to incorporate additional hydraulic structures into the facility to mitigate upstream flooding in the community of Kingwood, Texas and adjacent communities. Hollaway is leading environmental services to support the project, including NEPA compliance, T&E species and habitat assessments and surveys, and environmental permitting (Section 404, Section 10, and Section 408). Hollaway is also coordinating with the project team to provide NEPA documentation including a FEMA-driven Environmental Assessment, considering PR&G requirements and other appropriate requirements that are entailed. The Hollaway team is also supporting potential NEPA-required public involvement efforts, including community engagement and notifications.


MAAPnext - Flooding Happens in Harris County

The Hollaway team is excited to assist with the MAAPnext communication efforts. HCFCD and FEMA are partnering to deliver MAAPnext, a county-wide flood hazard assessment project that will use the latest available technology and data to produce a comprehensive set of flood hazard maps and information for the watersheds within Harris County. The Hollaway team supports this massive effort by communicating to the community the upcoming changes to the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). The Hollaway team also leads the communication efforts in creation and execution of a digital media campaign to bring awareness to the project, website content creation, and social media management. More information about this county-wide flooding initiative is available at the MAAPnext webpage, www.maapnext.org

Get to Know Our Hollaway Team Members

Each month we will highlight two employees.

 Brittany Little - Hollaway Environmental + Communications Employee

Brittany Little

Ms. Brittany Little supports the Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services team as an Associate Communications Specialist. Ms. Little brings with her a strong skill set in strategic planning, relationship building, and development of communications documents. She provides excellent customer service and enjoys working with her clients.

1. Hire Date: June 15, 2020

2. Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana

3. Favorite Food: Seafood, especially boiled crawfish

4. Describe your home office in 3 words: cozy, organized and a work-in-progress

5. Coolest project you've worked on: MAAPnext; being able to connect directly with the community through the advisory groups has been very exciting.

Nick Ortiz Hollaway Environmental + Communications Employee

Nick Ortiz

In the time Mr. Ortiz has been with HECS, he has gained a variety of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, stormwater monitoring, data analysis, and collection of raw field data. Mr. Ortiz works as a GIS Specialist and Associate Environmental Scientist providing all-around support for various projects including private development, mitigation, and transportation.

1. Hire Date: July 13, 2020

2. Hometown: Houston, Texas

3. Favorite Food: Asian and Mediterranean

4. Describe your home office in 3 words: Small, convenient, and quiet

5. Coolest project you've worked on: HCFCD Tunnel Study


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