Ho ho Hollaway! How Santa Claus uses Hollaway's services

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On WebEx, on Zoom, on Chat, and on Teams,
Santa Claus uses Hollaway to accomplish a few things!
With his virtual calls, Hollaway helps him quite right
For His many public meetings that take place at night.

Santa and Hollaway, what a marvelous pair,
Together they show clients just how much they care!
From meetings, to proposals, to documents galore,
Environmental to Communications, and we offer much more!

So do please read on, it’s quite a nice list,
of the services Santa uses, so you’ll get the gist!
Hollaway indeed, has services for all,
So just be like Santa and give us a call!

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At Hollaway, one of our most unique clients is the jolly man himself, Santa Claus! With his busy holiday schedule, Santa uses Hollaway to help make his season bright, and  make sure his Zoom calls operate just right! A few of Santa’s favorite Hollaway services are highlighted, below:

Communications Services

  • COVID-19 hit everyone hard and Santa had to pivot from having in-person visits with children like he normally does. Instead, he used Hollaway’s virtual public meeting coordination.
  • Hollaway coordinated and facilitated all of Santa’s visits. All he had to do was show up and bring his jolly, happy self. The set-up isn’t as stringent as a NEPA-public meeting, but Hollaway was able to help adjust everything to fit Santa’s needs.

  • Since the mail has been a little slower than usual, Hollaway helped Santa with coordinating and logging all the letters from children by using Hollaway’s comment logging system. Santa can filter and sort through all the letters a lot more easily than in years past.

  • The Naughty and Nice list is very important to Santa, so Hollaway made sure to create stakeholder lists for each category. This helps Santa keep up with who is on his list!
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Environmental Services

  • With so many good girls and boys, Santa needs to expand his toy factory to keep up! Hollaway can provide Santa with a high-level Environmental Constraints Analysis to narrow down his options for a new location. The Environmental Constraints Analysis would include a review of Wetlands, Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat and Hazardous Materials. This assessment would be conducted mostly through a review of publicly available maps and databases. Additionally, Hollaway licensed drone pilots can give the reindeer a break by flying over the sites capturing real time aerial photographs for Santa’s review.
  • Once Santa’s list of locations has been narrowed down, Hollaway can help him check it twice by providing a detailed Alternatives Analysis of each potential location and site plan. Hollaway would help Santa determine the Least Environmentally Damaging Practicable Alternative (LEDPA).
  • We know Santa always does his due diligence checking his naughty and nice list for girls and boys. Hollaway does the same thing for property transactions! Hollaway would conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on any new properties that Santa would acquire to be sure that the elves are safe from sites with a history of soil or groundwater contamination. A search of an Environmental Database Report could find the Grinch’s landfill!

  • The artic is full of wetlands, special aquatic sites, threatened and endangered species habitat, and protected federal land. The endangered arctic fox, polar bear, and protected migratory birds utilize the tundra for hunting, nesting, and denning. Hollaway would help Santa prepare a Clean Water Act (CWA) permit and initiate Section 7 Consultation with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to comply with federal environmental regulation.

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Santa and Hollaway make a great a team! Whether at Christmas or year-round, Hollaway Environmental and Communications can help make your project a success with our full suite of products and service.

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