August 2021 Newsletter

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From the Desk of the CEO and Owner


From the Desk of the CEO and Owner

As Hollaway rapidly expands into more than anything I could have ever independently imagined, I continue to do all I can to grow and meet the everchanging needs of the organization…However, I’ve found time and time again that the needs of the organization are best met by the team members who comprise the organization itself. By empowering the team members at Hollaway to follow their individual professional strengths and goals, our clients and the entire Hollaway team benefit.

Our Chief People Officer, Jennifer Smith, has developed and implemented Professional Development Plans and Career Pathways that encourage Hollaway team members to define their roles and contributions to our clients and the company as a whole. This includes tailored training opportunities, mentoring, professional coaching, and regular goal-setting sessions and one-on-one check-ins to ensure each team member is able to “dig in” and set the course for their career aspirations… and, it’s working in a way that is a “win-win-win” for everyone involved!

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The Career Pathways are used to clearly define the technical and soft skills needed to advance from one position to the next. By creating these, employees can now use them as a reference to guide them along their journey at Hollaway.

Connor Stokes-1-1-1

Connor Stokes  Intern  Communications  Technical Expert (7 years at the company)

Over the past 7 years, Connor has developed relationships with some of Hollaway’s key clients and worked on some of the largest scale projects in the company’s history. Through mentorship and on-the-job training, he has become one of the best Technical Experts in our field.

Trevor Pattillo-1

Trevor Pattillo Senior GIS Specialist  Financial Manager (5 years at the company)

Trevor came to us back in 2016. While working full-time, he was also pursuing his MBA at the University of Houston and quickly learning the financial processes at Hollaway. Trevor has been in the Financial Manager role for over a year now and is vital to the team’s success.

Jennifer Smith_edit

Jennifer Smith – Business Manager → Chief People Officer (5 years at the company)

Jennifer was initially brought in to manage the day-to-day operations. As Hollaway grew, she saw a place where she could marry the needs of Hollaway and her passion for developing people. While creating her own professional development plan, she began to find ways to expand this to the entire team in which the Hollaway Professional Development Plan program was born

.Ally Altemose_edit-1

Ally Altemose – Environmental Specialist  Director of Environmental Services (5 years at the company)

Going from Senior Environmental Scientist to the Director of Environmental is not an easy feat, but Ally has successfully taken it on and has proven to be an incredible leader. Through professional development, not only has she added people manager to her resume, but she also earned her Professional Wetland Scientist certification.Claire Garvin

Claire Garvin – Director of Environmental Services → Chief Operations Officer (5 years at the company)

Claire’s extensive skills and expertise in building a team, organization, and client management led to her stepping into the role of COO. While on her professional development journey, she has completed various leadership training and will even attend Pepperdine business classes in the Fall. Claire is a powerhouse!


Gregory Sevcik – Graphic Designer  Creative Director (14 years at the company)

Greg, Hollaway’s creative guru, began his professional development before we even had an official program. Through his initiative with support from the company, he has continually kept up to date with the latest advancements in the creative field. Greg is an excellent example of being accountable for your own growth at Hollaway.

Summer Highlight Reel:

The Story of the Species of Greatest Conservation Need at SH 225, Harris County, TexasPicture1

The Hollaway team was recognized in the TxDOT Houston District 2021 Summer Newsletter for collaborative work with TxDOT and HCTRA at SH 225 and Beltway 8. During fieldwork this May, Hollaway identified the Indianola Beakrush (Rhynchospora indianolensis) plant along TxDOT’s right-of-way. The plant has been identified as a species of greatest conservation need by Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD).

According to the TPWD website, Texas hosts over 1,300 species that are considered to be Species of Greatest Conservation Need. These are species, that due to limited distributions and/or declining populations, face the threat of extirpation or extinction but lack legal protection.

While not required, TxDOT, Hollaway, and HCTRA wanted to go the extra mile to relocate some of the plants to the Houston Arboretum. After Hollaway obtained the proper TPWD permits and had preliminary conversations with the Arboretum to ensure the appropriate habitat, crews went out to collect and rehome the plants. The team collected a total of 27 specimens that will be protected and propagated at the Arboretum. We consider this a great, collaborative success!


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